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Are YOU in the mood for delicious food using fresh ingredients at an affordable price from a great local restaurant? If so, then we are the perfect destination for you. We offer fantastic meals to our diners that can be enjoyed anywhere. Our menu features a host of mouth-watering dishes and scratch made specials. We take pride in creating a memorable dining experience.

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Ronald Chrzas

Great spot for breakfast or lunch, the burgers are among the best I've eaten and you can get a vast plethora of different burgers. If I was near here more often I would weigh 500lbs!

Mikasa luis

Burger Baron Restaurant is da bomb food is so good and fresh tasting all the time. Make sure you go when you have extra time, because they cook everything fresh and seasoned really good, which i love. Nothing like fresh fast food. Enjoy and save me one of their tasty fries.

Chris Elizondo

This is our go-to breakfast spot but the other food is great too! Good prices for a varied menu (Burgers, Gyros, full breakfast menu, Subs, Pork chop sandwiches, kabobs etc and even ice cream) is flavorful too and the parking lot is icing on the cake.

Josh Korin

The Baron is good grease in the heart of the city. There's no atmosphere but the price is right and the burgers are just how you want em to taste. Good fries, good chili dogs, fountain coca cola products all are strong pluses for the burger baron.

Patty Jay

That place NEVER disappoints! Ever. Been going here over a year Joe and we have never once recieved bad customer service, bad food, or a bad experience. The staff chats it up with their regulars and treats everyone as if they're friends. Last night we had them deliver..

Angela Stutzman

Had Burger Baron cater my husband's 40th birthday party with 100 guests. The food and service were incredible! All the guests were asking where the food was from. We ordered the Greek chicken, sausage and peppers, rice, potatoes, and Greek salad.